How the fabric and color of sheets affect the quality of sex

We understand the nuances of choosing bedding for stormy nights and lazy evenings.

In modern times, it is well known that color can have a significant impact on human psyche, but when it comes to purchasing bedding, many people tend to forget this fact. Bed sheets and duvet covers can greatly influence the quality of sexual activity. Therefore, it is crucial to be very meticulous while selecting bedding, focusing not only on the aesthetics, but also on the characteristics of your life, and paying attention to all the details, especially the fabric and color.

What material to choose?

In romantic novels, bed scenes are often described where the characters engage in passionate activities on silk sheets. Let’s be honest, it looks beautiful only on book pages or TV screens. In reality, a set of silk lingerie is more likely to make the post-coital rest unforgettable, with sheets “crawling” along the bed and an eternally “escaping” blanket in a silk duvet cover that would not allow one to relax in a natural position. Another important point to note is that silk is a cool material, and going to bed in autumn or winter that is not able to warm can be unpleasant.

Of course, one should be wary of bed linen with synthetic threads – otherwise, lovers may experience not only creative hairstyles but also exchange bursts of electric discharges. However, one should not rush from one extreme to another, relying only on natural materials. Linen fabrics are currently experiencing a renaissance, but they still tend to be rough to the touch – it’s good if during love games, you only scrape your elbows and knees.

The most acceptable material that does not cause allergies and is tactilely pleasant is cotton (which can also be labeled as “satin” on linen sets, indicating only the weave of threads). Cotton bedding has a pleasant thermal effect – it adjusts to the temperature, keeping one cool in summer and warm in winter. Moreover, satin-weave bedding has a silky sheen that makes it visually appealing.

What color?

Another crucial factor to consider before engaging in sexual activities is to choose the right color of bed linen. For instance, partners tend to have a desire to indulge not in love but to transfer dinner to bed while lying on orange sheets, as orange stimulates the appetite.

Passionate feelings are guaranteed on linen of purple or violet color, combined with noble gold. At the first glance of a bed covered with such linen, partners would have a desire to engage in a hot party for two.

For young couples just starting a relationship, it is better to choose pastel colors, such as pinkish or lilac. Seeing bedding in such shades, the partner will understand that no one is in a hurry to rush things (even if you have already married him in your dreams). Subconsciously, they will perceive you as a frivolous, romantic, and “relaxed” person.

Couples should have bedding sets for passionate and stormy nights, but also pay special attention to bedding on which they can sleep well, as restoring energy is crucial in family life. Choose white, beige, or mint colored bedding, and after a good night’s sleep, quality morning sex is guaranteed!

Another crucial point to note is embroidery. Yes, not a print, but embroidery. Subconsciously, men perceive embroidery as a sign that the bed was made by a kind and caring person – an instinct that has formed over the centuries. Women have embroidered bed linen and tablecloths from time immemorial, making the house more comfortable.

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