How to Decorate an Apartment in a Classic Style: Tips and Recommendations

Classic style is timeless and remains in demand for both large houses and apartments. It is a luxurious, refined, and attractive style that appeals to wealthy individuals who want to add a touch of elegance to their living space. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of classic design and provide tips on how to decorate an apartment in this style.

Characteristic Features of Classic Design

Symmetry and massive, luxurious furniture are highly valued in classic design. This style requires certain conditions, such as a large space and canonical arched or rectangular windows. Expressive sculptural forms and paintings by the best masters of the brush are also characteristic features of this style. Magnificence is created by a large number of mirror surfaces and multi-textured textiles.

However, classic style can be expensive in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. It requires a serious and respectful attitude, and it is recommended to involve experienced designers when designing the interior.

Color Scheme and Furniture

Each style is distinguished by a certain color range and compositional solutions in interior design. In classic design, sharp contrasting transitions of color gradations are not characteristic; the color should be within the same range. Noble colors such as beige, white, pink, and ivory, which can be shaded with emerald or turquoise, look particularly noble. For the most luxurious interiors, the color of noble gilding is used.

When choosing to paint the walls or wallpaper, it is important to choose harmonious combinations that complement the furniture. Classic furniture is massive and a little pompous, and it is made of natural solid wood such as noble beech, oak, or pine. These materials look great under varnish and are presentable and elite. Such furniture is characterized by excellent carvings, rosettes, and pilasters, and can be decorated with monograms with your initials.

In a classic bedroom, living room, or office, there is no place for minimalist frame prefabricated furniture, as they completely destroy the spirit of antiquity. Usually, armchairs, tables, and chairs made in this stylistic direction are clearly rectangular or rounded, and they have soft and expensive upholstery made of high-quality textiles. Antique restored furniture looks great in a classic hall, allowing you to make style decisions much more subtle and refined.

It is crucial to use natural materials throughout the interior design, and to avoid the use of plastic. Furniture and architectural features of the room are key points, starting from which decorative elements, such as paintings and statues, are individually selected. Give preference to natural Carrara marble and heavy gilded baguettes to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

In summary, if you strive for an elegant home, give preference to classic design. It will add a touch of luxury and refinement to your living space and make every day of your life absolutely wonderful!

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