5 tips from a sex therapist: how to revive sex!

Create a “like in a movie” atmosphere at home, sexologists advise, and you will get completely new sensations from your intimate communication!

  1. Down with the blanket! On the topic of sex, 40% of couples have sex exclusively under a sheet or blanket in real life. However, on screen, actors are almost never seen covering themselves with anything. According to sexologists, visual images are the most important erotic stimulus for 95% of men and almost a third of women. Indulging in love under the covers deprives partners of the opportunity to see each other’s bodies. To avoid discomfort, take care of electric heaters in advance and appear naked in front of each other.
  2. Don’t take off your earrings! In real life, 89% of men and 74% of women go to bed naked, and 93% of women first remove all jewelry. However, on screen, actors are almost never completely naked. According to sexologists, bodies look much more erotic if at least one detail of the toilet remains on them, such as earrings or chains around the neck. They recommend starting foreplay while still in clothes and gradually removing details of the toilet. Bright, shiny objects on a naked body fascinate and can act as sex stimulants.
  3. Where to do it? In real life, 96% of couples make love exclusively in their marital bed. However, in movies, sex lovers love each other in the most incredible places, such as on a pool table, on the windowsill, and even on the rug in the hallway. Changing the situation can excite couples who have lost interest in sex. Couples can try making love in non-standard places in their apartments, such as on a washing machine, to get extraordinary sensations.
  4. Say Say… In real life, only 35% of men and 18% of women say intimate compliments to each other or express their pleasure during intimacy. However, on screen, actors incessantly admire each other during erotic scenes. According to psychologists, the words that partners utter at the moment of love are called a “label,” which seems to mark the sensations that partners are experiencing at that time. Saying words of affection can maintain additional contact with a lover.
  5. light and color In real life, in 12% of couples, the action, as a rule, takes place in twilight, 21% make love with a night light on, occasionally by candlelight, and 7% prefer bright lighting and daytime sex. However, on screen, lovers’ bodies are almost always illuminated with an unusual blue or reddish light. Special illumination visually eliminates skin defects and can make bodies and faces look exotic. Partners can try using a blue or red lamp in their love corner to add a spark to their sexual experience.
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