TOP – 15 Tricks from Psychology

These psychological techniques will simplify life and help you cope with stressful situations.

  1. One’s gaze tends to be drawn towards the person they find attractive or feel close to when in a group where multiple people are laughing.
  2. Chewing gum can help calm nerves and provide a sense of safety when facing a stressful task.
  3. Remaining calm when someone is yelling at you can lead to the person feeling guilty for their behavior after the interaction.
  4. Rather than asking for a repeat answer, maintaining eye contact can prompt the person to continue the conversation.
  5. Smiling widely can actually prompt a genuine feeling of happiness.
  6. Avoid starting sentences with “I think” or “I believe” to project more confidence and certainty.
  7. Imagining an interviewer as a long-time friend before an important interview can alleviate anxiety.
  8. Expressing more joy during greetings can lead to genuine happiness upon seeing someone.
  9. People tend to give less after previously denying more.
  10. Viewing a stressful situation as a challenge can decrease the negative effects of stress.
  11. Confidence in one’s actions can be perceived as understanding and attract people towards you.
  12. Placing a mirror behind oneself when working with customers can encourage more polite behavior.
  13. Sitting next to someone who is expected to be harsh in a meeting can soften their demeanor towards you.
  14. A first date in a place that fosters positive emotions can create a positive association with the person.
  15. Eye contact during introductions can increase the likelihood of mutual attraction.

Try it and see for yourself how these tricks work!

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