Psychologists have identified four important signs that you are definitely unhappy in your relationship

Regardless of what has happened to you, you should feel comfortable in your relationship. When you’re in a relationship with someone you have feelings for, it’s challenging to look at yourself objectively. However, if you feel that “something is wrong” in your relationship with your partner, it’s worth considering what these relationships have brought into your life.

What are the four signs that indicate your relationships have made your life worse?

  1. You feel dissatisfied with your life. Regardless of what you’re doing in life, there can be good and bad days. Your relationships shouldn’t be any different. Regardless of the circumstances, you should feel comfortable in them. If you find yourself looking for excuses to cancel a meeting or avoid going back to the home you share with your partner, that’s a problem.When longing for solitude turns into an obsessive idea over months or years, you are clearly unhappy in your relationship, and it affects every other aspect of your life.
  2. You’re uncomfortable being yourself. At the beginning of a relationship, you both revealed wonderful facets of yourselves that were comfortable and enjoyable. You felt comfortable not only when you were alone but also in other aspects of life—with friends, at work. You revealed your true self, and it felt easy.But over time, that comfort has gradually disappeared, and you’ve begun to feel that your partner is holding you back. Expressing your true self has become much more difficult and challenging.

    This means that you need to change something urgently in your life because you should always feel comfortable—when you speak, walk, look, move, work, and rest.

    If the person you’re with doesn’t allow you to feel good, maybe it’s time to consider ending the relationship.

  3. You envision a happier life without your partner. If you see yourself having a better life in many aspects without your partner, that’s a clear sign of being in the wrong relationship. You might believe that any trip or event would be better without your partner—you are definitely unhappy, and it’s time to make a decision.Discontent in personal relationships can affect everything else in your life, including your job, relationships with friends and family, self-esteem, health, and more.

    Your partner should be present in your dreams and future plans. If they’re not, someone else might come along.

  4. You’re fixated on the past. It’s normal to reminisce about the past. But if you start longing for the life you had before you met your partner, that’s a bad sign. You are clearly unhappy with yourself and dissatisfied with what’s happening in your relationship.It’s important to talk to your partner about what’s bothering you. You’re obviously missing the spark and the energy to move forward. Such a conversation doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a breakup. Perhaps together you can find ways to reignite your feelings.

    All relationships require effort, patience, and partnership with another person. If you’re happy in love, you’ll be happy in other aspects of life. But dissatisfaction in relationships can lead to problems in all other areas of your life.

    Don’t ignore the signs of an unhappy relationship, as they will only worsen and can harm your entire life.

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