The main rules of psychology

  1. Rule of the Mirror I reflect the traits of my personality through the people around me. Often, I am not aware of these traits. For instance, if someone is rude to me, it means I am allowing it to happen. If someone repeatedly deceives me, then I have a tendency to trust anyone. So there’s no need to be offended.
  2. Rule of Choice I understand that everything in my life is a result of my own choices. If I am communicating with a boring person, it does not necessarily mean I am boring too. There are no bad or evil people, only unfortunate ones. If I resolve their problems, it means I like doing so. So, there’s no need to complain. I am the cause of everything that happens in my life. I am the author and creator of my own destiny.
  3. Rule of Error I acknowledge that I can be wrong. Others should not always assume that my opinions or actions are correct. The world is not just black and white, there are also shades of grey. I am not perfect, I am just a good person and I have the right to make mistakes. The important thing is to recognize and correct them in time.
  4. Rule of Correspondence I receive exactly what I deserve, no more, no less, in my relationships, work or finances. If I cannot love someone fully, it is unrealistic to expect the same in return. All my demands are meaningless. When I choose to change, the people around me also change for the better.
  5. The Dependency Rule No one owes me anything. I can help others selflessly, and it brings me happiness. To be kind, I must be strong. To become strong, I must believe in myself. I do believe in myself. But, I must also be able to say “NO!” when necessary.
  6. Rule of Presence I live in the present moment. The past is gone, and the future doesn’t exist yet. Holding on to the past leads to depression, and worrying about the future causes anxiety. When I live in the present, I am truly alive. There is reason to be joyful.
  7. Rule of optimism Life passes by as we complain. I have the ability to see, walk, hear, and feel joy. My health is represented by sunny summer, meadows, and rivers. I am alive as long as I move and feel the wind on my skin. When I watch TV or chat with friends online, I am not truly living in the present moment.
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