10 Commandments of Good Luck Feng Shui

  1. DO NOT SIT IN THE CORNER You say “Seven years without reciprocity?” If only! Feng Shui says that a protruding angle directed at a person, like a table corner, closet corner, or any other corner, sends “poison arrows” to the person and causes them to lose reciprocity, money, health, and good luck.
  2. AVOID GOING GOODBYE AT THE THRESHOLD People say “Fight.” They’re right. The threshold serves as an energy barrier between two worlds, ours and the alien. An invisible border blocks communication and energy and items that pass from one world to the other get lost for both worlds, breaking the connection between the participants.
  3. COOK WHEN YOU’RE IN A GOOD MOOD Mothers and grandmothers teach beginner housewives this lesson. They’re right. Food absorbs the surrounding energy, and when we eat it, we also consume the energy. A quarrel, news of another terrorist attack, or emotions from a TV horror movie can “charge” borscht and cutlets with negative energy that can poison a family.
  4. DO NOT STAND WITH YOUR BACK TO THE DOOR We all shiver at the thought of someone standing behind us, even if it’s someone dear to us. This fear stems not from an ancient instinct but from the fact that our unprotected back poses a threat. Feng Shui considers a lack of support and protection from the back to be the weakest energy position, both for a person and for a home. Always have a wall behind you or a screen and protect the rear of your house with a high hill or a neighboring house.
  5. DO NOT CORNER YOURSELF Feng Shui considers this another unfavorable position. Corners can drain a person’s energy, acting as domestic vampires. Parents put naughty children in the corner to remove their excess energy, but not for too long.
  6. AVOID LOOKING INTO A CRACKED MIRROR Feng Shui says that not only cracked mirrors are harmful but also patterned mirrors, mirror tiles, and other surfaces that break and crush the reflection. These things crush and destroy energy, primarily affecting a person’s health.
  7. CARRY A MIRROR IN YOUR POCKET TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ENEMIES Many people believe that carrying a mirror in their pocket with the reflective side out protects them from ill-wishers. Feng Shui says that it reflects all their evil thoughts and negative energy directed towards you. Feng Shui also advises hanging a mirror over a door or window to protect your home from adverse influences.
  8. DO NOT DISCUSS OTHERS’ AILMENTS We warn people who talk about others’ ailments. Feng Shui says that pointing a finger sends an energy charge and naming the disease gives the charge accurate information about the diagnosis.
  9. DO NOT TURN BACK ON THE WAY Feng Shui says “There’s no way!” Remember what we said about the threshold? Crossing borders is energy-intensive, as many travelers know. If you must return, rest and recharge your strength by sitting down and looking in a mirror. The reflection doubles the energy.
  10. RUN UNDER THE RAINBOW FOR HAPPINESS Of course, physics says it’s impossible, but seeing a rainbow, a symbol of the Heavenly Gates, is a good sign. Feng Shui recommends bringing a rainbow into your home by using arched openings. Passing under them, you receive the protection of Heaven each time.
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