Name a number from 1 to 101 and look at the advice

  1. Focus on your virtues, not your flaws.
  2. Keep your head up, look straight ahead.
  3. Be positive, active, and confident. Radiate positive emotions.
  4. Lip gloss can make a difference.
  5. Respect other people’s opinions and listen attentively.
  6. Take care of your eyebrows, they frame your eyes.
  7. Embrace change, be versatile, and explore different options.
  8. Find your signature perfume.
  9. Spend more time outdoors to get a natural blush.
  10. Pursue your passions and be adventurous.
  11. Develop your own unique style.
  12. Fresh breath is important, so have some candy handy.
  13. Enjoy food and don’t obsess over diets.
  14. Walk gracefully and confidently.
  15. Simplify your life and carry only what you need.
  16. Reading makes you interesting to others.
  17. Set goals for yourself and follow your instincts.
  18. Learn to cook at least one dish and share it with loved ones.
  19. Fancy hairstyles are great for special occasions.
  20. Keep some mystery and don’t reveal everything about yourself at once.
  21. Stay calm and avoid raising your voice.
  22. Be playful, try on different personas and have fun.
  23. Avoid showing off your intelligence with excessive quoting.
  24. Give gifts to others just because you want to.
  25. Touching someone while talking can help relieve tension.
  26. Avoid nervous gestures and play with your hair.
  27. Dress sexy but not vulgar.
  28. Keep your nails well-groomed.
  29. Smile often and show that you are happy.
  30. Let others ask you questions about yourself.
  31. Avoid crying as a manipulative tactic.
  32. Accessories can make a difference.
  33. Emphasize your eyes with makeup.
  34. Maintain eye contact when speaking to others.
  35. Give honest compliments to those around you.
  36. Wear comfortable shoes and walk confidently.
  37. Laugh at yourself and have a good sense of humor.
  38. Learn to understand and appreciate guys’ sense of humor.
  39. Don’t make a big deal out of small things.
  40. Explore the world and share your experiences with others.
  41. Flirtatiously raising your eyebrow can be attractive.
  42. Relax and don’t worry too much about your appearance.
  43. Remember important dates like birthdays.
  44. Maintain a unique style without being too different.
  45. Be content with what you have and avoid jealousy.
  46. Confess your love to those you truly love.
  47. Act instead of waiting. Actions speak louder than words.
  48. Defend loved ones from negative talk. It’s appreciated.
  49. Share common interests to strengthen relationships.
  50. Practice self-love, e.g. take a bath with foam, salt and oils.
  51. Show love to all, including children, people and animals.
  52. Always answer the phone politely, even for wrong numbers.
  53. Dress for what suits you and learn to evaluate your appearance.
  54. Limit fantasies to avoid embarrassment.
  55. Develop talents as it can make you more attractive.
  56. Express emotions openly but don’t overdo it.
  57. Take appropriate risks.
  58. Don’t waste time on nonsense. Use it wisely.
  59. Avoid humiliating others.
  60. Develop leadership skills.
  61. Arrogance is a turn-off, be sincere.
  62. Be genuine and sincere.
  63. Create themed song collections as gifts.
  64. Learn to sing and dedicate a song to someone special.
  65. Show kindness to people, but don’t be naive.
  66. Refrain from speaking negatively about ex-boyfriends.
  67. Think about positive things before sleeping for a better mood.
  68. Avoid lying to prevent awkward situations.
  69. Limit soda intake to avoid cellulite.
  70. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  71. Avoid drastic hair bleaching to prevent ugly roots.
  72. Always maintain good pedicure, even in winter.
  73. Spend time with people you like.
  74. Avoid pushing yourself on others, instead get invited.
  75. Avoid excessive gesturing, be natural.
  76. Use minimal makeup.
  77. Learn and apply basic etiquette rules.
  78. Don’t be ashamed of weaknesses and indulge in occasional whims.
  79. Emphasize your strengths in dressing.
  80. Work hard to gain skills and self-respect.
  81. Be more active to become more attractive.
  82. Express your point of view confidently.
  83. Appreciate old friends who have helped you.
  84. Start each day with self-praise.
  85. Take initiative to be remembered.
  86. Be punctual to show respect for your own time.
  87. Stay updated with current events and new things.
  88. Trust your own decisions and avoid following the crowd.
  89. Be empathetic and offer help to others.
  90. Avoid doing things that require excuses.
  91. Believe in miracles and they may happen.
  92. Avoid hasty conclusions and give people another chance.
  93. Wear what makes you feel confident.
  94. Avoid conflicts and try to defuse tense situations.
  95. Be friendly and attentive to others.
  96. Take risks when necessary and justified.
  97. Trust people to pleasantly surprise you.
  98. Don’t give up when facing difficulties.
  99. Use an eyelash curler to open up the eyes.
  100. Don’t try to please everyone.
  101. Be yourself, smart, beautiful, well-mannered, loving, and happy!
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