Here are 20 rules of etiquette that children should learn

Mike Mayer, a world-famous etiquette expert, has compiled a list of essential skills that every child should possess. These skills include:

  1. Using polite phrases such as “thank you” and “please” on a daily basis.
  2. Properly using cutlery during meals.
  3. Using a napkin to wipe one’s mouth after eating.
  4. Eating with a closed mouth.
  5. Never putting one’s elbows on the table.
  6. Not interrupting adults during conversations, except to politely say “Excuse me” if absolutely necessary. Adults should also consider the presence of a child and be mindful of their behavior.
  7. Refraining from making negative comments about other people’s appearance, but giving compliments when appropriate.
  8. Learning to give compliments to others.
  9. Writing thank-you notes to show gratitude to others.
  10. Being willing to help others in need and never mocking those who are weaker.
  11. Being aware of one’s own behavior and how it affects others.
  12. Using appropriate body language and gestures in social situations.
  13. Addressing adults by their appropriate titles and not using their first names unless given permission.
  14. Holding doors open for others when possible.
  15. Answering the phone politely with a proper greeting.
  16. Maintaining eye contact during conversations.
  17. Avoiding pointing fingers and staring at others.
  18. Covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  19. Inviting someone who is alone to join in group activities.
  20. Respecting and showing kindness to everyone.
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