How do students of different zodiac signs perform in school?


The best subject for Aries is Mathematics

Being governed by the planet Mars and belonging to the fire element, Aries schoolchildren are active, motivated, and well-prepared. However, they can also be a little restless, inaccurate, and impulsive. They tend to shine at the beginning of the school year, as it’s a new start and an opportunity for them to show themselves. A specific subject interests them only until a more intellectual and fascinating activity appears on the horizon. If Aries can show a little patience, they can achieve impressive results.


The best subject for Taurus is Art or Drawing

Being ruled by Venus and belonging to the earth element, Taurus schoolchildren can be expected to be persevering and put in a lot of effort. Their plan is simple: set a goal (like getting a certain grade in a quarter) and achieve it by any means necessary. The only thing that can hinder them is their natural laziness, especially in the mornings. Working in a team with the whole class can be a real salvation for Taurus students, as they can become great musicians, artists, or outstanding engineers.


The best subject for Gemini is Physics

Gemini is known to be one of the smartest children in the classroom. They achieve brilliant results in a quarter thanks to their natural curiosity, as they find it simply fascinating to study. They grasp all the necessary information and learn from the first attempt. They enjoy research activities, which explains their increased interest in natural sciences. Such schoolchildren are often described as a “walking encyclopedia”. As time goes on, they may reassess their values and devote themselves to music, cinema, or any other form of art.


The best subject for Cancer is Biology

As emotional and sensitive individuals governed by the Moon, Cancer schoolchildren never leave a classmate in trouble. Unfortunately, this means that they may suffer a great deal in terms of their personal performance. Such schoolchildren should have a hobby related to the arts, such as playing a musical instrument or dancing, which can help them better express their feelings and get out of their emotional “shell”. A beloved outlet can positively impact both their studies and relationships with their peers.


The best subject for Leo is Programming

As the sunny sign of the leader, Leo is a favorite among both teachers and classmates. Represented by the lion, Leo students are often the most popular in the classroom, and all the girls from parallel classes “dry” for such boys. They tend to excel in accurate sciences that come easily to them, as they love to analyze and build causal relationships.


The best subject for Virgo is English.

At first glance, these funny and direct schoolchildren may seem too careless and frivolous. However, this is a deceptive impression, as Virgo students perform very well. As wards of Mercury, they are able to concentrate perfectly on a subject and focus on tasks. They are determined to give the correct answer at all costs and will work on the most difficult task until they solve it. In addition, they are very neat, which always impresses their teachers.


The best subject for Libra is Chemistry

As with other representatives of the air element, Libra schoolchildren are naturally intelligent and usually find studying relatively easy. However, they may not always be ready to put in the necessary effort for a higher rating, as they are content with average results. If they can overcome their inconstancy of interests, which can cause them to abandon one thing today and be fond of something completely different tomorrow, they will become outstanding in the classroom.


Best School: Foreign Language

In this sign, two planets are combined at once – Mars and Pluto. Council to parents: Do not even try to “bribe” such a schoolboy. He will not study well for encouragement or reward. By nature, these are one of the most passionate signs, so only a sincere interest in the subject can captivate the child. (In the future, this is how they choose work.) In the life of scorpions, very impulsive, but it is in childhood that they know how to brilliantly concentrate on the task and do even more than they ask them. Psychological comfort in the team is of great importance: Scorpions can hurt if someone decides to offend them.


Best School: Geography

This sign is governed by Jupiter – the planet of all adventurers. In childhood and youth, Sagittarians are more interested in exploring the world outside the classroom than in books and studies. They enjoy going on walks, and it can be challenging for parents and teachers to get them to sit down and focus on schoolwork. Despite this, Sagittarius students often receive high grades and are accompanied by luck. Their cheerful disposition makes them popular with their classmates, and they have many friends in school.


Best School: Literature

Capricorn, with the patron planet Saturn and Earth combined, is the most stubborn and demanding sign of the zodiac. These schoolchildren possess a wisdom that exceeds their age. They hold themselves to very high standards and don’t tolerate failure. While Capricorns are kind-hearted, their kindness can be a weakness, and other more cunning classmates may take advantage of them. It’s essential not to criticize or belittle them in school as it can shake their confidence.


Best School: Astronomy

Schoolchildren born under Aquarius can be quite rebellious, and adults may struggle to deal with their moods. They are often the troublemakers in class, and teachers may have to call their parents to discuss their behavior. However, Aquarians are often fighting for justice, which deserves recognition. Despite their rebellious nature, they are very intelligent and can quickly solve problems, particularly in tests. The character of Aquarius can interfere with their performance as they can become distracted, but their smart nature helps them catch up.


Best School: History

Pisces students approach their studies in one of two ways: they either absorb information like a sponge, or they excel in their favorite subjects. They often rely on their intuition to solve problems, which leads to excellent performance in tasks requiring sensitivity. Although the symbolism of the sign is quiet, Pisces needs constant communication, including in lessons. They can be chatty, and teachers may need to remind them to stay focused.

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