How to plan 2023 according to your zodiac sign

In the first month of the New Year, it is customary to make wishes and set goals. This can be done in different ways: some people dream, others create a “treasure map,” and still others write down their aspirations on paper. But there are certain techniques that can help you specifically. It all depends on your zodiac sign. Below we will talk about planning the year based on this typology.


The very word “planning” can cause a nervous tic for Aries. Representatives of this sign are used to acting immediately and getting results, not wasting time on boring rituals and tactics. So, you should not plan anything – it will be of little use. Just take action, preferably as soon as the thought comes to you. And for long and large goals, try to break them down into shorter and more precise steps.


Planning the year is possible and necessary for Taurus. It will be beneficial. The main thing is to create comfortable conditions for yourself – a soft sofa or comfortable armchair, a warm blanket, a cup of aromatic drink. It is easier to write down goals than just imagine them. They must be recorded. It is easier for you to fulfill material desires and needs. So focus on money and abundance – you won’t go wrong.


Gemini is the sign that finds it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Therefore, it is difficult for you to sit and think about your desires for a long time. But it will not be difficult to record them on a dictaphone, even on the go. Language and voice are your magic wands. It is with their help that you will easily achieve your goals. The goals should be different. Try not to focus on just one thing. Plan unrelated “wants.”


Intuition and inner voice will help Cancer in planning. Stay away from classic plans, wish lists, and “vision boards.” This is not your option. Visualization during meditation will be much more effective for you. But you need to do it regularly, not just from time to time. But if you don’t like this method, you can use any other. The most important thing is that it involves feelings and sensations.


Leo and diligent planning are two concepts that are quite far from each other. Classic ways of making wishes and setting goals are not suitable for you. Approach the issue creatively: for example, make it a habit to sing or take photos/videos of what you want. The camera lens is your best friend in planning the year. Just try to capture moments that excite you and fill you with enthusiasm more often.


As for Virgos, their planning should be thought out to the smallest details and nuances. Because every detail for a Virgo is not small at all, but just the opposite – it’s essential. So representatives of this sign should allocate specific time and a peaceful place. Sit down with a notebook and pen, concentrate properly, and write down their plans in points. Then neatly fold the sheet or notebook and put it in a desk drawer. This is your personal recipe for successful planning.


Libras, in principle, do not mind planning and mental preparation. But it is best to discuss your desires with a partner or other close person rather than visualizing or writing them down. For example, discuss their realism or ways and deadlines for achieving them. You will benefit from an opinion and evaluation from someone else. And if you plan for a year alone, you will most likely feel uncertain in the end. And then, no plans will work.


Scorpios suit all “extravagant” ways of planning and wishing. For example, lighting a symbolic item you want to get rid of or more commonly, adding ashes to champagne, which you must drink. Your goals that are associated with getting rid of the old will indeed work best. You can even come up with your own ritual.


Sagittarians are people who are used to “swinging” far and high. Therefore, if they plan something, it must be something grandiose and outstanding. So bold dreams are just your thing. Visualization during meditation will work best for you. Imagine what you want in all colors. And, of course, do it regularly. But don’t forget about specific steps towards your goals.


Capricorns like planning, know how to do it and practice it. They do this almost every day. Therefore, New Year’s goals may not differ particularly. There must be a long-term focus in everything you plan. The easiest wishes to fulfill are “earthly” and rational ones. Especially if they are related to work and responsibility. Get yourself a goal notebook and break them down into stages. Check it regularly and compare what you have done.


For Aquarians, it’s better to make wishes and plan goals not so much for themselves but for the common good. Or, for example, for the collective in which you belong. The format and method are not as important as the content. However fantastic it may sound, it is you who has the highest chances of bringing “peace in the world.” Or at least improvements/shifts in the local government’s work.


Pisces are rightfully considered the most dreamy of all zodiac signs. New Year’s wishes and dreams seem to have been invented specifically for them. After all, their imagination and creativity are always working at full capacity. Simply listen to your intuition. It will tell you how, when, and what to dream about specifically for you. One of the foolproof options is listening to music and imagining the desired images. Additionally, visualizing the necessary thoughts before bedtime during the falling asleep process will work wonders for you.

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