Anti-trends in interior design in 2023

Interior design fashion trends are constantly changing, sometimes so subtly that we may question whether something was ever in style. However, just because something may no longer be fashionable does not mean you need to immediately overhaul your entire interior. However, if you are planning on making changes or renovating, it is important to be familiar with both new design trends and anti-trends. This will ensure that your home is both modern and cozy. Here are ten things to avoid in 2023:

  1. Furniture sets – Designers recommend selecting individual furniture pieces instead of buying a matching set. Mixing and matching different textures and colors adds a unique and personal touch to your interior.
  2. Columns and frescoes – Complex frescoes and columns may create the appearance of an expensive and luxurious interior, but they can also make a room look cluttered and outdated, especially in small spaces.
  3. Leather sofas – While leather sofas were once fashionable and associated with luxury, they are now considered outdated and more reminiscent of office furniture. Soft textile textures are now preferred.
  4. Tile with a “Patchwork” pattern – In modern minimalist designs, tiles with a “Patchwork” pattern can appear out of place and clash with the clean lines of the interior.
  5. Glossy kitchen facades – Though glossy kitchen facades were once popular, they are now considered impractical and outdated. Matte surfaces are now preferred.
  6. Venetian plaster – Decorative plaster is still relevant, but the shiny gloss of Venetian plaster is no longer fashionable. A simpler, more neutral background is now recommended.
  7. Brickwork – Though recently popular, brickwork is now outdated in modern interiors. Decorative plaster can be used instead.
  8. Photo wallpapers – While wallpapers can look quite realistic, they are now considered outdated. Pictures without heavy, gilded frames are now preferred, or a minimalist frame or no frame at all.
  9. Hexagons – While hexagons were once very popular, their overuse has made them less original. Clear, smooth lines are now preferred.
  10. Spider chandeliers – The trend of spider chandeliers has passed and they can look bulky and uncomfortable in a space. Even softened versions with hanging wires tend to be messy and can ruin the beauty of a room.

When considering your interior design, it is important to keep these trends and anti-trends in mind. This will help you create a modern, stylish, and cozy home.

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