Shade of Viva Magenta in the interior: tips from designers for 2023

Pantone’s announcement of the main shade of the year is a highly anticipated event in the design world. The 2023 color is Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta, a powerful and empowering shade that encourages experimentation and self-expression without limits. This subtle crimson-red tone strikes a perfect balance between warm and cold, making it an ideal accent for almost any color palette.

To incorporate Viva Magenta into your home, here are some tips from designers:

Bed Linen

Changing your bed linen is a simple but effective way to transform the feel of your bedroom. Choosing a rich warm red shade is an ideal way to add elements of Viva Magenta to your home. This fiery tone pairs perfectly with almost any color and can instantly liven up a tired bedroom decor.

Paint Splashes

A splash of Viva Magenta is an excellent way to add life to any room in the house. For those who are not afraid of experiments, decorate all walls and decorations with this color. For those interested in individual accents, use the shade in moderation. Warm colors like Viva Magenta can make any room feel cozy and welcoming.

Trendy Carpet

Add a wow effect to any room by using a rug in Viva Magenta. It can add pattern or color to a room without having to change the surrounding decor. While it is a fashionable color, it is not an eternal classic, so avoid overly expensive carpets.

New Works of Art

Hanging bold new pieces of art is a smart way to add a trendy look to a room without renovating. Neutral or white walls can be the perfect canvas for accents in the trendiest shade of 2023. Viva Magenta is a playful and optimistic color that embraces self-expression.

Bright Textiles

Accents like pillows and blankets can transform a room. Pillows in a fashionable color will instantly revive a neutral sofa and change the entire decoration scheme. Viva Magenta works well as an accent shade and adds exciting splashes to a more restrained palette of the room.

Furniture in a Trendy Color

Painting outdated furniture in Viva Magenta is an excellent way to breathe new life into old favorites. The cheerful and dynamic combination of pigments in Viva Magenta adds confidence and festive energy to any piece of furniture.

Refresh your interior with the trendy shade of Viva Magenta!

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