How to save electricity?

Most of us don’t think about saving electricity until we receive a bill with a substantial amount due. After paying such a bill, we naturally want to reduce the amount for the next one, but not everyone knows how to do it. In this article, we will discuss simple and accessible ways to save electricity at home.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights if you leave the room for a long time. When leaving the house, all electrical appliances should be unplugged from the sockets, except for the fridge, because appliances, even in the off state, consume some amount of electricity.

The next step is to replace outdated incandescent bulbs with modern energy-efficient ones. They not only consume significantly less electricity but also last much longer. When choosing energy-efficient bulbs, pay attention to the light they emit. Warm white bulbs are suitable for residential areas, and cool white bulbs are suitable for lighting entrances or balconies.

When choosing household appliances, pay attention to those that are labeled with classes A, A+, A++. Such appliances consume 30-40% less electricity compared to regular ones.

Proper care of the electric kettle can also help save electricity. Only boil as much water as you need at the moment, and remove limescale from the walls of the kettle in a timely manner.

The fridge should be placed so that it is not exposed to sunlight, heating from radiators, or the stove. The fridge also needs to be defrosted on time.

When using a washing machine, load it with as much laundry as is stated in the instructions. Insufficient or excessive loading of the machine results in inefficient use of electricity.

Vacuum cleaner filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, as clogged filters reduce airflow, which increases the vacuum cleaner’s energy consumption.

All modern computers have an energy-saving mode. Proper configuration of this mode can reduce the amount of electricity used by half.

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