Five subtle signs of aging that easily reveal your age

Over the years, a person’s face undergoes noticeable changes. Even if there are very few wrinkles on the skin, age can be revealed through subtle signs of aging, such as elongated earlobes, a flat forehead, drooping eyebrows, and other details. In aesthetic medicine, there is a concept called ‘aging markers.’ These are distinctive facial features that can accurately determine a person’s true age, according to experts. There are at least five such markers.

Elongated Earlobes:

With age, earlobes deform, elongate, and become less taut. This might not always be noticeable in the mirror, but it often catches the eye during interactions with people, making one’s age less of a mystery. Earlobes, especially in women who love wearing heavy earrings, tend to stretch more as they age. While this is something that few think about in their youth, it becomes a critical concern as one matures.

Smoothed Philtral Columns:

Another subtle sign of aging is the smoothness of the philtral columns, which many people do not consider as an indicator of youth. The philtrum is the area between the nose and upper lip, and the two grooved strips that connect facial features are known as the philtral columns. As a person ages, these grooves become less noticeable and, in most cases, smooth out completely.

Flat Forehead with Lost Volume:

Over time, the face loses volume, including a flattening of the forehead. Even if there are no wrinkles on it, the loss of volume easily reveals a person’s real age. This marker of aging is particularly prominent in slim individuals with a thin subcutaneous fat layer. Additionally, the loss of volume in the forehead can be a consequence of regular use of Botox over several years. Due to the atrophy of the subcutaneous fat layer, this area becomes flat, although it remains perfectly smooth.

Drooping Eyebrows, Eye Corners, and Lips:

As the years go by, eyebrows gradually move downward over the brow ridge, creating a more stern expression. Aging also affects the eyes and lips, causing the corners to droop. This can make the face appear tired, especially in the evenings.

Floating’ Facial Contours:

The main indicator of youth is a well-defined facial oval, and a sharp angle of the lower jaw significantly rejuvenates anyone’s appearance. As individuals age, subcutaneous fat pads descend down the face, causing cheeks to lose their elasticity, nasolabial folds to form, and changes in the lower jawline. Jowls and a double chin may develop. In young women, the face often resembles an inverted triangle, while in older age, the top of the figure tends to shift upwards rather than downwards. To prevent or improve the appearance of ‘floating’ facial contours, individuals can engage in facial fitness. Special exercises can enhance the definition of the jawline.

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