Modern fitness trends

As life becomes more challenging, people are increasingly prioritizing their health and physical appearance, even in the face of adversity. Interest in sports and a healthy lifestyle remains strong, and the number of individuals embracing fitness continues to grow with each passing day.

As per research conducted across 29 countries, 58% of individuals engage in regular physical activity, and interestingly, they aspire to do so even more frequently.

This is indeed an encouraging sign for the global fitness industry. Every year, new techniques, directions, and simulators are introduced to cater to health enthusiasts. Nowadays, fitness classes are tailored to suit the individual’s unique characteristics.

What are the latest fitness trends in 2023?


What is biohacking, and how does it work? Biohacking is a comprehensive set of actions that involve the use of drugs, working with a psychologist, and studying one’s own body. The primary goal of biohacking is to improve physical and mental health. By using the body’s maximum resources, biohacking helps promote mental well-being.

This fitness regime includes:

  • Daily intake of vitamins and dietary supplements;
  • Experimental diets, such as intermittent fasting, raw food, and avoidance of certain foods;
  • Personalized schedule;
  • Sleep cycle tracking;
  • Physical activities that positively impact the body;
  • Meditation;
  • Yoga;
  • Sessions with a psychologist;
  • Regular monitoring of the body’s vital signs, including tests and analyses;
  • Complete control over the body

While not everyone may choose to dedicate their lives to such rigorous monitoring, the simplified version isn’t as challenging. Biohackers follow specific dietary rules, perform certain physical exercises daily, use dietary supplements, track changes in biomarkers (hormones, vitamins), and monitor their health status using modern gadgets.


Neuroathletics aims to train not just the body but also the neural functions of the brain. This innovative training method focuses on building a close connection between the body and the brain. Neuroathletics significantly enhances muscle tone, coordination of movements, efficiency, and helps expedite recovery from injuries.

Elements of this fitness direction are introduced into regular fitness club training programs. For instance:

  1. The training program includes unexpected changes. If exercises are repeatedly done in a particular sequence, the brain relaxes and “falls asleep.” To improve body speed and reaction time and increase brain activity, new and unfamiliar elements are added to the workout every week.
  2. The state of connective tissues (ligaments) determines an individual’s susceptibility to injuries and various muscle and tendon deviations. Special exercises or eccentric loads help elongate and stretch the muscles and tendons, making them more elastic.
  3. Eye training helps enhance concentration and speed of reactions. Eye exercise routines are added to the warm-up before training, including circular eye movements and tracking one’s own finger movement.
  4. Multi-tasking workouts help activate the brain and cerebellum’s work. Such workouts consist of multi-tasking exercises like a complicated plank involving raising arms, legs, and jumping.


A new type of functional fitness competition called Hyrox is open to individuals over 16 years of age who are in good physical condition. Hyrox is a multifunctional endurance race held in winter. The program involves an 8 km run and 7 functional exercises: sled pushing, skiing, burpees, walking with simultaneous weight transfer in each hand, rowing, lunges, and throwing a ball against the wall.

The primary objective of these competitions is to complete the entire route, finish all the exercises, and achieve the best time.

Fitboxing for Women

Fitboxing has become increasingly popular in women’s fitness. It involves a combination of various boxing techniques and functional training that engage all muscle groups. Unlike traditional boxing, punches are aimed only at a punching bag and are delivered at a fast pace. Fitboxing replaces strength exercises with cardio loads and vice versa, resulting in a rapid improvement in coordination, endurance, and core strength. It is also highly effective for weight loss, with one session burning between 600-800 calories.

Fitness Travel

Fitness travel is a great way to combine your love for working out with your desire to explore new places. You can choose from a variety of fitness tours that cater to your interests, including:

  • Weight loss programs
  • Functional training
  • Yoga retreats
  • Skiing trips
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Trekking
  • Cycling tours
  • Horseback riding
  • Windsurfing
  • Kitesurfing

These fitness trips include professional training sessions, psychological coaching, balanced diets, body care, meditation, and interesting excursions. They are the perfect way to stay healthy and active while enjoying a fun vacation.

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