6 Signs that a Woman is Morally Exhausted and on the Verge of Depletion

Often, we can understand when we are physically unwell – our well-being deteriorates, our temperature may rise, and so on. However, not everyone notices the presence of a “mental illness.”

I’m not referring to psychiatric disorders but rather those instances when we feel a weight on our souls, and we find ourselves on the brink of depression.

Women, in particular, tend to endure their internal struggles silently. They are accustomed to sacrificing themselves for family, children, work, and loved ones. What hurts inside is often dismissed as inconsequential – something to endure and survive.

However, a suppressed state, emotional exhaustion, indicates that we have very little energy or life force left within us.

Psychologists and psychotherapists consider such a state dangerous. Resources are not infinite. A person can become seriously ill, not just mentally but physically as well. Or, worse, they may prematurely depart from this world.

Here’s how a woman can recognize that she is experiencing emotional exhaustion, and her energy is on the verge:

  1. Depressed mood, frequent or constant apathy: A person stops fighting against circumstances. It may seem like they are submitting, but in reality, they lack the strength to resist. Problems weigh on them, yet they feel powerless to address them. A forced indifference emerges, leading to a poor mood and apathy.
  2. Reluctance to communicate with people or quick fatigue from socializing: If you were once a sociable person but increasingly find solace in solitude, avoiding conversations, and preferring silence, it’s a signal to reflect on your mental state.
  3. Decreased activity: This doesn’t just refer to physical activity but also the woman’s overall engagement. She ventures out less frequently, preferring to stay home. There’s a reluctance to visit friends or embark on journeys. Staying at home and resting becomes more appealing.
  4. Loss of interest in activities that used to bring joy: A woman is emotionally drained when the things that used to bring pleasure no longer do, and she lacks enthusiasm for activities that once brought joy.
  5. Indifference to the lives and problems of others: If previously, you were interested in your friend’s affairs and were empathetic to her struggles, but now, her life seems inconsequential, and there’s no desire to help with her problems. Dealing with one’s issues feels challenging enough, let alone others’.
  6. Apathy toward what is happening around: A person begins to detach from societal life and events. News, local occurrences, and events lose their significance. There is no interest in what’s happening in the city or beyond.

During this time, a woman may continue to work, manage household chores, and go about her routine seemingly normally without fully realizing that her life energy is depleting. Such a state can manifest at any age – be it in one’s 20s, 30s, or 60s.

To overcome this and understand where the energy is going, one needs to reassess life. There’s usually a reason – a failed marriage, toxic people around, unfulfillment, or detestable work – the causes can be numerous and diverse, but they are always present.

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