How to choose a hair dryer: what to pay attention to before buying

A good hair dryer should not only dry your hair quickly but also style it effectively. It should provide an efficient range of temperature and air flow settings and be easy to handle.

What to consider when buying a hair dryer

What do you expect from a hair dryer?

First and foremost, it should perform its primary function of quickly drying hair. It’s also important that the hair dryer is easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

Before making a purchase, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the condition of your hair? If it’s dry, damaged, or colored, it requires extra protection.
  • What is the thickness of your hair? For thick and long hair, it’s better to choose a hair dryer with a power of 1800 watts or higher and an air flow speed of 120 km/h or higher. For thin or short hair, power is not a significant factor.
  • Do you need only to dry your hair or also to style it? For drying, a hair dryer with one or two temperature settings is sufficient. For styling, choose a hair dryer with additional attachments.

Types of hair dryers

Modern hair dryers have features that should provide professional results. In particular, you can choose:

• Ionic hair dryer – conditions the hair using negatively charged ions. Manufacturers claim it dries hair faster, keeps hair moisturized, healthy and smooth, and creates less static. Suitable for dry, damaged, and colored hair.

• Ceramic hair dryer – controls heat, providing even distribution. Such technologies add shine to hair while protecting it from damage.

• Tourmaline hair dryer – generates negative ions to accelerate drying while reducing static.

Of course, advanced technologies affect the price, but keep in mind that a good hair dryer does not necessarily have to be expensive.

How to choose a hair dryer

When choosing a hair dryer, pay attention to the following features:

  1. Maneuverability, size, and weight. Feel how comfortable it is to hold the hair dryer and check if it’s well-balanced.
  2. Switches. They should be accessible, easy to use, and work well.
  3. Attachments. The hair dryer should come with at least one concentrator nozzle, which focuses the air flow, and a diffuser, which distributes the air more widely.
  4. Hook. It’s preferable to hang a hair dryer on the wall at home, away from wet surfaces in the bathroom.
  5. Concentrator. Narrows and focuses the airflow where it’s needed. It’s designed for targeted drying and controlled styling.
  6. Diffuser. Diffusers with short “fingers” are designed for drying curly hair, distributing the airflow and preventing tangling. Diffusers with longer “fingers,” sometimes called volumizers, are designed to add volume to all hair types.
  7. Turbo. The Turbo Shot or Boost function increases the airflow through the hair dryer to speed up drying.Now you know how to choose a hair dryer. So go ahead – to successful shopping and beautiful hairstyles!
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