3 reasons to choose the Chicco Next 2 Magic crib: always close by

In 1946, Pietro Katelli founded a small business in the Italian town of Como, which eventually became known as Chicco. In 1958, Artsana Spa registered the Chicco brand, named after Pietro Katelli’s first son Enrico. Inspired by his son, Pietro shifted his business towards creating innovative infant products, revolutionizing the industry. Today, Chicco is a leading brand known for producing high-quality, functional, and colorful children’s products. If you’re searching for the perfect crib, here are a few reasons to consider Chicco.

Design and Safety

Chicco’s NEXT 2 ME MAGIC crib has a practical design that enables both mother and baby to sleep in close proximity, while ensuring complete safety. The crib has a rocking feature, and can be inclined for the baby’s safety, digestion, and breathing. With rotating wheels, the crib can be easily moved from one room to another, allowing parents to keep their baby close at night and move it to a separate room during the day.


The lightweight and portable nature of Chicco cribs makes them perfect for mobile parents. You can take your crib with you to your grandmother’s, summer house, or on vacation, ensuring that your baby always has a comfortable and familiar place to sleep.


Chicco offers a versatile mobile cradle that can be used for a much longer time than a typical cradle. Once your baby has outgrown the cradle, it can be transformed into a chair, making it a practical feeding solution.

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