Nausea in the morning: why it appears and how to deal with it?

Experiencing nausea in the morning can be a dreadful start to the day, and while it is usually easy to deal with, it is essential to understand why it happens. There are numerous reasons for its occurrence, including side effects from medication, overeating before bedtime, alcohol or food poisoning, and gastrointestinal diseases. Morning sickness can also be an indicator of cardiovascular pathology, pressure surges, hypotension, hypertension, thyroid gland issues, or psychological conditions such as depression and panic attacks. Acute appendicitis in some cases may also cause nausea, which could progress to vomiting and sharp pain in the abdomen. Alternatively, for women, it could be an early sign of pregnancy.

If the feeling of nausea is systematic, it is important to establish the cause to determine the best course of action. To eliminate morning sickness, one needs to get rid of the underlying cause. If it is due to overeating before bedtime, then one should eat dinner no later than two and a half hours before bedtime and avoid fatty, sweet, spicy, or salty foods.

A few proven remedies for morning sickness include unsweetened tea with lemon, ginger, or mint. Ginger is particularly effective in combating nausea, and it can be taken as fresh ginger, candied ginger, or ginger tea. Mints or chewing gum with menthol are also effective, and sniffing fresh lemon slices or lemon essential oil can help. Massage of the index fingers, earlobes, and wrists, morning and breathing exercises, and medication adjustments may also help.

If the remedies mentioned above do not work, one should consult a doctor for a referral for a comprehensive examination to rule out any underlying systemic diseases. It is essential to address morning sickness to protect one’s well-being.

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