Anuvittasana is a yoga asana that activates the front projections of the main chakras, opens the chakras of the feet, and “grounds” the energies in the heart center. It also develops energy stability, energizes the armpit area, increases energy in the heart center and stabilizes it, clears energy blockages in the front energy channel, fills the pranic field with fresh energy, awakens dormant forces in a person, and opens up new energy resources.

In addition to its energetic benefits, Anuvittasana also provides physical benefits. It stretches the front surface of the body, specifically the chest, stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands, improves the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, tones the internal organs (especially the abdominal cavity), strengthens the respiratory and cardiac systems, improves metabolism, and provides vigor and energy.

Performing Anuvittasana provides a tonic effect that charges one with strength and vivacity, gives confidence, and acts as an incentive to move forward. The asana can also heal depression and apathy, and improve mood. However, it should not be performed in the evening as it can lead to psycho-mental hyperactivity, overload of the nervous system, and an increase in feelings of anxiety.

There are certain restrictions for performing Anuvittasana, including injuries of the spine, neck, pelvis, and sacrum, vertebral hernias, increased nervous excitability, and performing the asana at night if you suffer from insomnia.

To perform Anuvittasana:

  1. Start in Tadasana, with your feet parallel to the width of the pelvis and rooted in the ground.
  2. Place your palms on the lower back or on the sides of the sacrum.
  3. Slightly “pull up” the buttocks and point your shoulders down.
  4. Connect your elbows and shoulder blades (without tension).
  5. Pull the spine up while gently arching the body back.
  6. Gently stretch your neck in an arc longer from your shoulders without throwing your head back.
  7. Tuck the coccyx under you and look straight ahead.

The goal of Anuvittasana is not to deflect but to connect the shoulder blades and stretch the front surface of the body.

As you inhale, draw in the energy flow from the Earth through the feet, directing it upwards along the entire front surface of the body. Focus on filling the chest area with energy and opening the joints of the shoulders. On exhalation, take the energy flow from the shoulder joints down through the arms to the legs and into the Earth, at the same time stretch upward with the top of your head and lengthen the spine along an arcuate trajectory. Try to stay in the position of the asana for a few breaths if you do not feel uncomfortable or want to come out of the asana. If you experience pain in the lower back, leave the asana without delay.

During the asana, it is crucial not to throw your head back, as this can constrict the blood vessels at the back of the neck and depress cerebral circulation.

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